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Welcome to the former Convent of Jesus & Mary.

Imagine the possibilities for this hidden gem on the Prairies!

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The Town of Gravelbourg seeks Expressions of Interest for Adaptive Re-use of stunning former Convent of Jesus & Mary.

Constructed between 1917 and 1927, the building features a large four-storey brick and stone central structure linked by rotundas to a three-story wing and a gorgeous chapel space with balcony. The building totals over 75,000 square feet of space on four floors and a basement. The former convent served as the Gravelbourg Elementary School until 2015 and is a recognized municipal and heritage property.

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About Gravelbourg

Dubbed the ‘Cultural Gem of Saskatchewan’ thanks to its remarkable bilingual heritage, well-preserved architecture, and rich culture, Gravelbourg offers visitors a Touch of Europe on the Prairies. A focal point for the surrounding region, Gravelbourg is a service, business, and tourism hub with a fully accredited hospital and long-term care facility, over 100 businesses and community groups, multi-stream educational programs, weekly paper, radio station.


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Ariel Haug

Economic Development Officer | Town of Gravelbourg, SK
Phone: 306-648-3301 x 4

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